Offstage fun!

That's ever-suave Bill Luther in the suit with tie, and his look-a-like Michel in the center with the striped shirt.
And that's marvelous Dave Woj marvelling at the resemblance.

L-R: Jahna, Sue, Lisa, Andrea,
and Lee Soundviews.

Jahna, Dave M, Sue

Bob and Dave

Bob and another Dave

Rocky and Deena

L-R: Greg Shaw, Rocky, Blair, Deena, Evan

Betsy from Bomp!

Andrea and Dave

Jeff Shore (striped shirt) and the King and Queen
of Suave Night, Patrick and Kellie

Cheryl and Todd

NYC RnR allstars Mike (formerly Bad Popes,
now in Memphis Morticians), Jahna & Dylan rocked
in The Defilers (RIP), and there's Sue again in her
lovely red dress.

Explosive onstage and off,
that's Girl Bomb Erin

Jackie & The Cedrics

Clare & Mike at
The Star Trek Experience

unidentified poster molester

And from last year's Grind:

top: Dennis, me, Mike Sin, DanMan
bottom: Judy Jetson, Blair, Heather

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