Bow Wow Wow at NYC's Mudd Club (and other clubs) 1982-1984
Photos by Justina

I LOVED Bow Wow Wow! Just loved 'em! Simply *had* to see them everytime they came to town!
The B&W pictures are from NYC's Mudd Club.
The gals in the background were backup singers/dancers
and I think their names were something like Boo and Fufi.
Unfortunately they didn't accompany Bow Wow Wow on each of their
tours (rumor was that the record company was too cheap to pay
for 'em to come along), but when they were onstage with Annabella, WOW!, those were the most amazing, hi-energy shows!
I just loved their tribal/funky/surfy sound.

And yes, I know there were other people in the band, (grin!), and I know
I have photos of them *some*where but sadly these are the only
ones I can find for now.

photos by Justina

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